Blend. Ceramics between past and present

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Blend. Ceramics between past and present - 1

Blend collection draws inspiration from the material used by the Romans to build grand edifices like the Pantheon and the Colosseum, which have survived down through the centuries thanks to the presence of a special ingredient used in the mortar: volcanic ash.
Where this particular mortar is used on stone slabs, the natural stones’ characteristic veins and inclusions appear “dirtied” by this “natural grout”, creating a sort of patina that re-interprets the original colours of the stones themselves.
The surface structure, too, is original and blends with the patterning, creating the typical “sawn effect” of hand-cut slabs.
The collection comes in 4 different colours and in two rectangular sizes (30x120 and 20x120), very original for this type of material, in addition to the classic 60x60.

The collection’s forte is the overall look of the laid floor, the “contaminated look resulting from the use of different materials”, which becomes apparent once the slabs are laid.
The latest trend in interior design is that of “mix and match”, an invitation to combine different styles, shapes and materials to create a design scheme which is balanced but not boring, and which reflects our own personality.
Spaces feature a mix of different interior design elements, what matters is having fun with genres and styles, not sticking to any strict design, but simply trusting in our own personal taste and objects that have sentimental value to us.
We are free to live according to our own beliefs, to project who we are and roam freely in our own habitat.
Tactile, textured details underline the connection with the earth on the one hand, and the idea of creating a cosy, welcoming space on the other, the two aspects combining to create an urban-vintage mood where elegance and craftsmanship are the core values: period details alongside original design touches and exquisitely crafted articles.