Block: ceramic resin and decors with a vintage flavor

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Block: ceramic resin and decors with a vintage flavor - 1

Marazzi presents Block, a new interpretation of resin; a project conceived and developed for the ones who appreciate the advantages of ceramic tiles coupled with the tactile effect and colour shades typical of resins.

The colour palette comprises 7 neutral shades ranging from steely grey through to warm beige, reflecting modern-day trends whilst also being versatile enough to appeal to a heterogeneous, sophisticated target that is refined and cultured but also creative.

The surface effects of the matt and lux finishes closely resemble those of resin coatings, with a warm, enveloping tactile appeal. The variety of patterning emphasizes naturalness and imperfection, underlining the beauty to be found in an unpredictable material which is rich and yet soft and pleasant to the touch at the same time.

The collection’s decorative motifs draw inspiration from hand-crafted majolica ware, brought up to date with a contemporary feel in terms of both patterns and colours. The series can be used both as a wall and floor covering. 
The great variety of decorative options enables interior designers to enhance specific areas using different laying patterns (horizontal, vertical or panel).

Using the series in combination with materials like wood or stone endows areas with great refinement and charm.

Block lends itself easily to different styles and tastes in home design, as its neutral shades and uniform surface encounter the favour of consumers who love contemporary design (its natural target) as well as those who favour bold colours, through to more romantic, nostalgic and poetic moods.

This series expresses its full design potential in large spaces such as lofts, in addition to commercial premises like shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies or offices.

 Open-plan rooms are increasingly popular, offering a harmonious space without walls or barriers which individuals can design and personalize to reflect their own emotions, feelings and creativity.

For interior designers, Block constitutes an effective design tool, offering strikingly creative solutions that exploit the characteristic look of resins coupled with the practicality of ceramics, in a product that is not only a functional covering, but also a design statement.

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