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"Bridge 129": ventilated walls for building's energy classification and architectural volumes.

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"Bridge 129": ventilated walls for building's energy classification and architectural volumes.

Bridge 129 is a major project for the renovation of factory building on an industrial estate to the north of the city of Reggio Emilia, currently undergoing thorough redevelopment in response to the nearby construction of the new high-speed train station designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Without demolishing its existing  structure, the building has been given a completely new shape, with simpler, more streamlined forms, using the Marazzi Engineering ventilated curtain wall system, which helped to achieve two key objectives: to upgrade the building’s energy performancewith optimal results in terms of insulation and comfort, and to provide it with an immediately recognizable architectural identity.

"From the very beginning, before thinking about how to the design the building - states Giuseppe Innocenti,  engineer and designer of Bridge 129 - I pondered the technical choice that could give me the best opportunity to respond to clients’ demands in the most exhaustively way. First of all I had to bring the building into class A; secondly I had to give it a new look both in terms of aesthetics and volumes. Ventilated walls were the best solution to meet both needs because they allow you to easily overcome the problems of recovering the energy efficiency of a building and they are perfect to design new architectural volumes that provide a totally new identity to the building itself.”

Job Description: AGS Ventilated Facades

Designer:Engineer Giuseppe Innocenti

Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy

Products used: EvolutionStone Luserna Strutturato 60x120 ,Monolith Black Bocc. 60x120