Colorup designs your bathroom with colour

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Colorup designs your bathroom with colour - 1

ColorUp offers an interesting assortment of plain, super shiny colours, ideal for residential bathrooms or for customising public settings such as spas and design hotels.

The colour range is the result of attentive research into the current trends in fashion, design, interior decoration, architecture and communication. Neutral shades are mixed with bright colours to create an extremely versatile style with a strong personality: the most famous POP styles (inspired by Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein) are customised by Marazzi and translated into ceramics in a strong yet delicate and sophisticated manner.
The inclusion of bright colours, including yellow, a key colour in the architecture world, orange, used often in interiors  and petrol blue, a strong fashion colour, offer a versatile mix of colour combinations and interpretations to underline the value of the collection.

The use of inkjet technology can be seen in the base tiles, which present a surface texture made up of rows of ton-sur-ton microdots, underlining the “pop” personality of this range which comes to the fore brilliantly in the decorative compositions. The guiding thread of this decorative package is the use of strong, “imprecise” dashes typical of watercolour, carbon and brush strokes, which are used to interpret 3 classic motifs of the pop style: macro-floral, polka dots and stripes; all in a contemporary key and in line with the current trends, with a particularly artistic and dynamic appeal.

The greatest expression of the silk–screen technique, typical of the pop style and still used today for ceramic decorations, can be found in this collection: “a picture is nothing more than the reproduction of an artistic object made to be reproduced” (A. Warhol). Generally speaking, in all the proposed decorations, the presence of colour is both discrete and decisive.

The main idea is to transmit sophisticated environments on one hand but which are toned down by colour accents and decorations on the other. Black&white atmospheres, or gradual shading with grey and beige, or neutral shades with a touch of colour (a coloured base tile or a decoration) ideal for an extremely sophisticated public that loves high design. Fresh monochromatic settings, on the other hand, fun just like the pop style, target a younger audience. Multicolour laying is also recommended, to emphasise the sophisticated
soul of the range and its colour versatility: Bianco, Grigio, Nero – Bianco, Grigio, Beige, Giallo – Beige, Grigio, Ottanio – Bianco, Grigio, Beige, Arancio.