Colourline, glossy ceramic tiles and decoration: different solutions to design walls

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Colourline, glossy ceramic tiles and decoration: different solutions to design walls - 1

Colourline offers trendy and refined shiny tiles in size 22x66.2 cm.

Suitable for a vast and diversified target, it is inspired in its aesthetic expression, colour range, and decorative styling by the textile sector and, in particular, by an important company, Zimmer + Rohde, which offers an infinity of solutions for different lifestyles, from contemporary to classic.

The background design on ceramics simulates the effect of a fabric embellished by the shiny surface. The colours proposed combine well with bold tones like orange and blue with natural and neutral hues.

This series is an eclectic collection offering solutions for a variety of lifestyles, further enhancing any decor.

Rectangles decorative tile is created on White, Grey, Ivory and taupe backgrounds. This design proposes rectangular elements interpreted as drops of color in slight relief, inspired by scraps of coloured cloth applied to a neutral background. In keeping with the chromatic scale of this series, there are 4 colour variants: two cool tones on a white background to be combined with White, Grey, and blue, or on a grey background to be combined with grey or white and two warm tones on an ivory background to be combined with Ivory, taupe, orange and on a taupe background to be combined with taupe,ivory, and blue.

Wallpaper decorative tile available in White, Grey, Ivory, Taupe and Brown backgrounds It is easy to understand where the “wallpaper” design draws its inspiration, exalting tone-on-tone geometric motifs with a textured effect obtained thanks to the sinking technique.

Striped decorative tile created on Blue, Grey, Taupe, Orange and brown backgrounds. This design revisits irregular stripes of traditional fabrics inspired by British decor, using precious materials for a refined and contemporary tone-on-tone effect.

Camelia mix decorative tile created on white and ivory backgrounds. Inspired by floral designs typical of sophisticated French linens, these lend a vibrantly romantic touch. This panel consists of two subject portraying large camellias in brighter colours (blue and orange), delicately printed on backgrounds that evoke natural cottons, like White and ivory.

Ramage decorative tile created on White, Ivory, and taupe backgrounds. This design was inspired by silks and velvets with classic patterns, like a ramage, damask, and ribbed, printed or precious materials. A Ramage motif is reinterpreted tone-on-tone and enriched thanks to the use of the sink-in technique to add depth and dimension. The a ramage design can be used in a variety of ways to elegantly embellish any bath.