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Designing the outdoor becomes easier: Treverkhome 20mm

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Designing the outdoor becomes easier: Treverkhome 20mm

Treverkhome 20mm is a new extra-thick wood-look porcelain stoneware ideal to design outdoor spaces of great beauty, without sacrificing technical performance. A porcelain stoneware 20 mm thick, size 60x60, available in four different colours ( Ash, Durmast, Larch and Oak). It is immutable over time, easy to lay on grass, sand, gravel, glue and raised arrangements; it is also easy to clean, inspectable and removable because a tile weighs just 17,5 kg.  

Treverkhome 20mm ensure an unbeatable performance to design and create outdoor areas in an easy way. It could be the best solution for:

  • Terraces. The ideal paving for terraces and balconies; perfect for raised outdoor paving where, in particular, proper installation ensures optimal drainage.
  • Gardens, paths, street furniture. Treverkhome 20mm fits perfectly into its surroundings, allowing the creation of easily cleaned paths and walkways.
  • Beaches, beach resorts. The ideal alternative to wood and stone for pathways within beach resorts, preferably using light colours for a cooler surface.
  • Hospitality, hotel grounds. Extremely hardwearing, it also withstands thermal shock with all its beauty intact, making it ideal for laying in outdoor public locations.
  • Industrial Areas: The thickness of 20 mm guarantees outstanding resistance to loads and stresses, making 20 mm ideal for public projects, indoors and out. When laid with adhesive on concrete screeds, it is suitable for vehicle resistant paving in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Vehicle Entrances and garages. When laid with adhesive on concrete screeds, it is suitable for vehicle-resistant paving for access ramps and garages.

Some pics in the gallery.