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Marble effect porcelain tiles: designing with practicality without sacrificing beauty.

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Marble effect porcelain tiles: designing with practicality without sacrificing beauty.

TheEvolutionmarblecollection is extended with two new interpretations of fine marbles: Tafu and Grey, exclusive products that now join Calacatta, Nero Marquina, Amani and Golden Cream, expanding the product range and offering even more choice.

The final choice was a classic material but with a decidedly contemporary colour, in line with the colour of the trendiest furniture and interior design accessories. The marble in question comes from Iran and is proposed in two colours, “Pietra Grey” and “Tafu”. This marble features a very compact base (hence the term “Pietra” meaning “stone”) enhanced with pronounced white veining and harmonious nuances that give it a particularly opulent look.

The marble slabs were all carefully selected in order to achieve the most faithful reproduction of the natural materialduring the manufacturing stage, moreover  the new Evolutionmarble products repropose durable, hard-wearing and eco-sustainable materials.

The two new marbles are available in a range of rectified sizes (60x120, 60x60 and 30x60 cm for the natural version, 58x116, 58x58, 29x58 and 14.5x58 cm for the lux version) guaranteeing superb versatility of use as floor or wall coverings in both single and mixed size laying patterns, with a vast range of applications, from interior design for small spaces to major architectural projects.

The versatility of Evolutionmarble means it can be used to create refined and minimalist design schemes that reflect a “soft design” mood, as well as more decorative, traditional interiors echoing the “new classic” style.

Completing the collection are decorative elementsdesigned to emphasize the links with tradition and to provide original design ideas.