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MDFF is dedicated to all those who are interested in exploring the potential of film and the moving image as a tool for the analysis and representation of architecture, space, design of things, the dynamics of the city and  of the contemporary society.

MiCue Milano Design and the U.S nonprofit foundation, Design Onscreen, along with the patronage of the Comune di  Milano present this first program of film events in Milan.

Thanks to the organizers and sponsors, the event is free and open to the public, allowing the city of Milan to be once again  the protagonist of an international project related to design, which involves the audience - this time - on the big-screen.

MDFF would like to become, with its debates, foundations and associations, an annual cultural event for the city of Milan.

Marazzi, an official sponsor of the event, sponsors the documentary film "Unfinished Italy" scheduled on Friday October 4th at 16 at Apollo Spazio Cinema, Galleria De Cristoforis 3, Milan.