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Marazzi Brooklyn stoneware is chosen for the renovation of an architecture firm's offices in Milan

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Open Space Renovation with Brooklyn - 1

Concrete-effect for an interior with a metropolitan, contemporary mood

Whether laid out for co-working or more classical in approach, offices are increasingly becoming a stimulating area for design, where creativity and experimentation can be effectively expressed. Traditionally regimented in both their working dynamics and their use of space, nowadays offices demand a design approach more responsive to the modern criterion of fluidity in the workplace, which demands interiors more tailored to people's needs, less impersonal and providing a more comfortable, homely environment.

And the project for the renovation of the Studio Tenca & Associati offices centres on this need for a new freshness and dynamism, more in keeping with modern working practices.

The offices were opened in 1945 and were designed in line with the dictates of the period: a large room housing two drawing-boards and several desks, a meeting-room, a spacious area for the proprietor and his secretary and, of course, a cloakroom. Over time, in response to the need to keep up to date and respond to the latest trends in architecture and the most innovative engineering, minor changes were made to the layout and organisation of the premises. Eventually, the decision was made to introduce radical changes, transforming the office into a functional open space which would also contain as many as possible of the finishes and furnishings available on the market, to provide inspiration for staff and clients alike. The renovation project aimed to create a context which would perfectly reflect the architecture firm's working approach, so more playful corners to "tweak" design creativity were also provided.

The Brooklyn concrete-effect collection was ideal for evoking a metropolitan, strictly neutral mood. In fine porcelain stoneware, the Brooklyn collection has a slightly structured satin surface and can be installed on both floors and walls, making it suitable for both residential projects and applications with heavier levels of use. This project uses the collection in the White colour, and in the 60x60 cm size.


Ph Matteo Gani