Pietra di Brera, timeless charme

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The Evolutionstone category is now extended with the addition of a new product: Pietra di Brera.
The new stone takes its inspiration and its name from Pietra di Brera stone, quarried at Angera (Varese) on the eastern shores of Lake Maggiore.
This material is an elegant natural stone with an ivory-white colour, featuring a very light, pale graininess and subtle vein patterning of varying shape and intensity, and is the ideal combination of tradition, transformation and technology.

Pietra di Brera is the first Marazzi material to be made using the new digital dry decoration technology, which opens the way to an innovative generation of products. Thanks to this process, the product accurately reproduces the inspiration stone with high definition, replicating all its main characteristics, in terms of tactile impression as well as appearance.

The surface, which has a slightly iridescent effect similar to that of wax-polished stone, helps to give the product an extremely natural look, especially since a variety of faces are available.

Pietra di Brera is a construction and ornamental material popular with engineering and architecture firms all over the world, since it fits naturally and attractively into a wide variety of contexts.

This new form of Evolutionstone is an alternative solution ideal for creating interiors of great elegance, with the perfect blend of convenience and contemporary design, also in combination with other materials such as wood, glass, metal or resin