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Marazzi presents its glass mosaic offering and created the new design element in the Marazzi Colour Plan: SistemV.

A colour range that has been completely redesigned, intended to optimise transversality and compatibility with the other Marazzi Tecnica collections. SistemV is available in two different solutions: Glass Mosaic and Crystal Mosaic.

After A, C, T, N, L and B, a new letter of the alphabet now appears for architects, enabling them to work with all the materials in the Colour Plan, a constantly expanding scheme that delivers technology, dialogue between materials and transversality, combined with colour, expressed through different connotations depending on the system of products concerned:

GLASS MOSAIC. A selection of semi-transparent glass mosaics now featuring new colours and a fresh micro-dot size of 1x1 cm, to make this product versatile and suitable for covering different types of surfaces, especially rounded architectural features such as pillars, pool edges and benches. The reworking of the range has a produced a series with outstanding stylistic values, extending the architectural potential of this type of material. (photogallery)

CRYSTAL MOSAIC. Transparent, colourful glass mosaic, with a glowing brightness that gives colour and depth to interior design schemes. The colour range is enlarged with 5 new colours in line with the Marazzi Colour Plan, for monochrome wall coverings or for decorating spaces creatively, by combining dots of different colour. A solution for bringing colour and light into interiors and highlighting even the most complex architectural features, such as niches and corners. (photogallery)