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Total white Brooklyn porcelain tiles by Marazzi in an amazing villa in Greece

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Total white Brooklyn porcelain tiles by Marazzi in an amazing villa in Greece - 1

Brooklyn porcelain tiles chosen for a white minimal contemporary architecture with Cycladic mood.

Antiparos island, with its beautiful sea, is the perfect background for a villa designed by Giampiero Peia of Milanese studio Peia Associati: it' s a minimal and contemporary architecture that refers to the Cycladic tradition and fits perfectly into the island's natural setting. . The project won the last edition of the contest “La Ceramica e il Progetto” for the category "Residential."

The villa develops around a huge courtyard with different white volumes, each one with a regular geometric shape and a maximum height of 4 meters. This layout ensures the best seaview and a proper protection from sun and wind, as well as a pleasant privacy. In fact, the main courtyard has a key role in the villa plan as it puts together the different volumes, adding an unusual monumentality to the entire building with its raised height from the garden level.

Brooklyn fine porcelain stoneware is the perfect flooring for a contemporary style building in strong dialogue with the surrounding nature, as this Greek villa is.

In fact, as well as the villa volumes are perfectly nestled into the natural landscape, indoor and outdoor develops with a visual continuity thanks to the same Brooklyn floor covering. Starting from the inside and ending in front of the sea with the courtyard large steps, Brooklyn slabs also guarantee the best resistance to heat and salinity.

Marazzi Brooklyn was chosen in its lighter finish, the white one, the typical hue of Cycladic architecture. The architect played instead with the different dimensions of the tiles: Brooklyn stoneware is used here in various sizes (45x90, 30x120, 60x120, 30x60, 60x60, 90x90 cm) and this creates an interesting pattern which is particularly clear in the raised courtyard.


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