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"Best Barber in Spain"

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Old barbers' shops are coming back into fashion: today they are some of the trendiest retail locations and the subject of very interesting interior design concepts, with a big boost from the hipster trend of the last few years.There is a fine example of this at Logroño in Spain. It is the barber's shop restyled by David D. Iriondo of DIS-DIriondoStudio in Madrid, winner of the “best barber in Spain” award in 2014: it reinterprets the traditional barber's shop with a very contemporary twist.

The design clearly evokes the vintage, industrial look of early Twentieth Century shops, but filtered through a modern lens and with references to Scandinavian design.

There are almost no ornamental features and the design focuses on just a few materials and design pieces: olive green-painted walls with white tiling and wood-effect floor, combined with Scandinavian wood and black metal furniture (including the String shelving system and Hay chairs, for example).

Simplicity of lines and nothing superfluous, giving an interior with a very masculine, contemporary overall look. In this context, the choice of Treverkhome wood-effect stoneware floor tiles by Marazzi was ideal, as this line interprets the warmth and tactile appeal of parquet with a high level of realism. Treverkhome is featured here in the Betulla finish, a pale shade in distinctively Scandinavian taste, and in two sizes, 15x120 and 20x120 cm.

Wood-effect stoneware guarantees all the easy cleaning and care a location like a barber's shop requires, with other very important characteristics. In fact, it is a floor covering suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and in this case it has also been installed on part of the small courtyard, giving the space a high degree of continuity and making the shop appear much larger.



Ph. Daniel del Castillo

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