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Treverkhome: wood-effect porcelain stoneware to design spaces.

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Treverkhome: wood-effect porcelain stoneware to design spaces.

Treverkhome interprets refined, precious and particularly sought after and appreciated wood. The series is inspired by a rare type of durmast wood, one of the fifty available in nature, hand planed and treated with oil. 

he warm, cosy and versatile shades, the texture, and the extremely natural and “imperfect” veining underline the beauty and unpredictability of nature; a particularly rich yet soft material, pleasant to the touch.TreverkHome is available in 8 colours AceroFrassinoBetullaRovereLariceOlmoCastagno and Quercia.

Treverkhome is in line with contemporary trends but at the same time it is very versatile and meets the needs of a heterogeneous, evolved, refined and cultured target which is also creative and eco-friendly.

Treverkhome also interpretsdifferent living tastes and styles: the more “romantic” style, nostalgic and poetic, classic and traditional; the “soft design” style, contemporary, minimalist, fashionable and sophisticated and finally the “urban” style, refined, sober and innovative with a Nordic and ecological look.

This series isideal for all home spaces and expresses its full aesthetic potential also in large spaces typical of light traffic commercial environments such as shops, hotel foyers, offices etc.

Treverkhome conveys a very strong “green” message of care and respect of the environment; in addition it offers all the practical and aesthetic advantages of a ceramic product achieved thanks to Marazzi technological excellence.

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