Treverkmood: ceramic wood to design your space

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Treverkmood: ceramic wood to design your space - 1

Treverkmood collection is inspired by the latest trends in interior design which increasingly value floors created using salvaged wood.Using various bits of wood, for example from old flooring, vintage furniture or disused carts, all mixed together to create surfaces that are always original and exclusive.

Treverkmood draws inspiration from such materials, enhancing their rich nuances of colour and bringing out the varying shades in every single board. The overall effect is highly original, with the pronounced variations in shading typical of old wood, which only grows more beautiful with age. Contrasting veining and knots add interest and charm to surfaces, for an elegant natural effect with intense visual and tactile appeal.

The warmth and intimacy of design schemes with Treverkmood endow spaces with the atmosphere of days of old, yet with a modern twist; ideal for prestige renovation projects as well as for contemporary style interiors.

The collection offers the beauty of a wood-look finish with the practicality and durability of porcelain stoneware.

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