Treverkmust, wood-effect stoneware with a dual personality

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Treverkmust, wood-effect stoneware with a dual personality - 1

The inspiration material of the Treverkmust wood-effect collection is bleached oak; specifically the tiles reproduce the finest wooden planks - those treated by smoking and with oil. The tile surfaces feature a saw-cut effect, sharp colour variations, repaired knots and cracks, sap wood and deep veining.

Treverkmust's other soul is expressed by “Selection”, the more refined (knot-free) version. This variety of the product is ideal for installations requiring greater elegance and a more uniform surface.

Both the "Selection" version of Treverkmust and the variant with knots are available in 4 different, very natural shades - White, Beige, Taupe and Brown - offering great scope for decorating not only minimalist interiors inspired by Scandinavian taste but also warmer, cosier rooms.

The sizes for this collection are 25x150 cm and 73.2x11.8 cm, which has the 45° ends needed for the lovely “chevron” laying pattern. With a long history of use in elegant locations, this pattern also features in the rooms of the Palace of Versailles, and is thus ideal for bringing prestige to luxury and high-value contexts.

Treverkmust is a wood-effect porcelain stoneware suitable for the floors and walls of residential surroundings or light commercial premises. With or without knots, different characteristics in a single collection to meet all architectural and stylistic requirements.


Ph Mattia Iotti & Tiziano Sartorio

Styling Alessandro Pasinelli


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