Treverksign, perfect mix between classic and contemporary

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Treverksign, perfect mix between classic and contemporary - 1

TreverkSign is a collection of the Treverk family  which enriches Marazzi’s offer concerning wood-inspired materials.
In particular this collection re-elaborates the beauty of aged and painted woods with a satin finish surface with the graphic design and typical veining of the natural material. TreverkSign is a collection of versatile wood-inspired products suitable for floor and wall coverings.

The texture is minimal and the surface conveys the natural look and warmth of wood through a structure rich in small “imperfections”, signs and slight reliefs.
The colour range includes warm and cold colours based on a palette of neutral shades with a contemporary feel.

The audience who choose Treverksign love essential and clean lines and shapes, neutral not “gaudy” colours that underlinethe design and classy look which reflects the personality of the consumer; people who love comfort, a reassuring environment and sophisticated elegance.

TreverkSign offers the possibility of designing living spaces that show balance and synergy between the various areas through a dialogue between the colours and surfaces for a continuously evolving environment that generates emotions. All this thanks to a very important factor: chromatism, which through the formats and the intensity of the series, creates unexpected and unique atmospheres that modify in time the perception of the space in which we live.