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The new  collection made in porcelain stoneware  is inspired by “pickled” wood, produced by means of a special traditional process that can be applied to furniture and floor coverings to provide an effect which is elegant but has a “time-worn” air. Wood gains a new life and a finish that makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of interior design schemes.

The use of this technique is ideal both for creating romantic interiors that delight in the simplicity of time-worn objects and for emphasising design schemes rich in charm and class.

A pickled or bleached wood floor has an extraordinary intrinsic elegance that infects all the rest of the room; finishes may vary from total bleaching, creating the whitest of floors, through to a lighter form of treatment which gives the wood a much more tactile appeal.

Treverkatelier: ideal for homes decorated in a new, sophisticated, classy style, with contemporary design values, where white and neutral shades prevail, thanks to the solidity and substance of the raw materials used, which make the product natural and rich in charm.

In the fashion-design world, white and beige are increasingly synonymous with sophistication, elegance and contemporaneity.  Used in subtle design schemes, neutral shades help to create an atmosphere of discreet sophistication.

The classical neutral shades, such as milk white, vanilla, magnolia and ivory, are very similar colours, which can be carefully combined to create tone-on-tone interiors, with a magic harmony of great elegance. This selection of delicate colours can be emphasised through the contrasting use of darker tones such as bright blue, also considered a basic, neutral shade.

Treverkatelier is also ideal for combinations with materials such as metal, glass, crystal, stone and natural wood, for a perfect blend with the other items in the design scheme. (photogallery)