metropolitan railway link between the Stazione Centrale and Bari Palese Airport

Bari (BA), Italien

marazzi collegamento metropolitano stazione centrale aeroporto di bari palese 000.jpg


Gaetano Mossa

Studio Mossa Architettura & Project Management

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Bodenbelag für Innenbereiche
The project forms part of a major undertaking of fundamental importance for the city of Bari: the metropolitan railway link between the Stazione Centrale and Bari Palese Airport. As Studio Mossi, we worked specifically on the interiors of the Airport Station, the Transit Building and the tunnel linking the two. The overriding aim of the project was therefore the attempt to exploit all the design potential of the covering material, especially in the connecting tunnel, which was the most problematical part of the project and therefore, as is often the case, also the most stimulating. We set out to use the covering material in an unusual way, by running the floor and wall coverings into each other and creating a two-colour effect with alternating bands of SOHO beige and MONOLITH black stoneware tiles in size 60x60. The result is a dynamic effect that breaks up the monotony of the 200 m long connection, with a constant unifying effect provided by the central yellow strip for the blind and partially sighted, created using Marazzi AUTONOMY collection stoneware; very unusually, this feature became the key element in the composition.

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